forest city

knowledge-based communities

L Studio helped position and package developer Forest City’s offerings for transit-oriented, knowledge-based communities in India and smart-growth developments in the United States. Communications have been delivered in both digital and printed materials.

Idea books outline the vision for the projects and the potential benefits of a particular development product. Plan books follow, outlining specific planning strategies by Calthorpe Associates and related portfolio projects by Forest City Enterprises.

Presentation templates transfer information and messaging into a projectable, digital format. Splash pages establish immediate web presence. All materials highlight the strength and experience of the international team through strong graphics and distilled messaging.

idea book for knowledge communities in india

This book makes a case for development of “knowledge cities” where a healthy mix of housing, public transportation, and commerce would be centered around research institution satellites that capitalize on India’s educated population to build healthy communities and local economies.

idea book for aerospace communities in india

This book for Forest City’s sister project in India makes a case for sustainable communities and transit oriented development built around aerospace industry hubs.

plan book for mesa del sol

Design, organization and layout of a large-scale planning document guiding the development of a sustainable community in New Mexico.