the lumina project

future. light. now.

The Lumina Project aims to facilitate discussion, debate and insights that will help advance the lighting industry’s role in transforming our buildings and cities into intelligent, high-performing, and healthy ecosystems.

L Studio created a campaign for the Lumina Project branded as “Future. Light. Now.” to promote the project to lighting designers and the architecture and development community. The campaign was launched at the 2016 International Lightfair, and is anticipated to be promoted at other industry conferences over the coming year.

the lumina project


Design of a poster to be exhibited in conference halls and trade show booths to promote the campaign and build the Lumina community.

ad and badge

A single page ad promoting the Lumina Project was designed to be integrated into conference presenter’s powerpoints, and campaign stickers were added to the conference badges for members of the Lumina community to encourage dialogue and participation in the project.


Design of a position piece about technology aided, smart futuristic lighting design happening now, which appeared in the Medium blog, timed with the launch of the campaign.