presidio trust

a new kind of national park

The Presidio of San Francisco is an historic military base that was converted into a national park in 1994. In 1996, Congress created the Presidio Trust to preserve the natural and cultural resources of this special site. In 2012, the Presidio Trust met it’s goal to become financially self-sufficient and has successfully created a community within the park that is home to 7000+ people who live and work in the Presidio every day, in addition to millions of visitors each year. L Studio has worked with the Trust since its inception, providing communications strategy, design and brand management over the years to assist the Trust in the spectacular evolution of the park.


Creation of an identity system for the agency and place, clarifying the relationship of the Presidio Trust as primary stewards of the Presidio, and development of a comprehensive set of guidelines to manage the hierarchy of Trust related entities within the park.


Design of a year-long exhibit highlighting the history of the Presidio and the accomplishments of the Presidio Trust, as well as an exhibit for the New Presidio Parklands Project and an exhibit at the San Francisco Public Library.

annual reports

L Studio has helped shape the storyline and content, in addition to the design, for the Trust’s annual reports to Congress and over the first 15 years, and is currently working on the next series of reports that are focused on the next 5 years at the Presidio.

visitor guides

Design of the Presidio visitor guide series that invites visitors, workers and residents to connect with this unique urban national park.

project branding

In addition to managing the brand standards for the Presidio Trust, L Studio has also developed the identity and graphics for a number of subbrands in the Presidio managed by the Presidio Trust, including restaurants by Chef Traci Des Jardin, Arguello, The Commissary and TRANSIT.

presidio institute

Development of an identity for the new Institute on leadership and development of print materials and a new website for the launch of the Institute.