share the path

be courteous. know the rules. be responsible

Share the Path was initiated by a partnership between the County of Marin, City of Mill Valley, and the Marin County Bicycle Coalition in response to a serious accident on the Mill Valley/Sausalito Multiuse Pathway in September 2014. The campaign aims to improve awareness, safety, access, and enjoyment for users of multiuse pathways across Marin County.

Share the Path was designed with users of all ages and cultural backgrounds in mind, prioritizing bold, positive messages paired with internationally legible pictograms and path signage. L Studio developed the name, branding and full suite of materials for the campaign, which has successfully slowed bicycles on the path and raised awareness amongst all users of the need to “share the path.”

campaign pictograms

Pictograms are divided into two categories: etiquette and user groups. Etiquette pictograms represent behaviors and general safety concepts. User group pictograms represent rules for specific user groups.


Path signage created includes temporary round signs, a permanent sign, banners, and posters. A pathway graphic with arrows pointing in both directions reminds pathway users to share the path and directs the flow in two directions.

campaign materials

The brochure provides detailed information about the Share the Path campaign. It lists general path etiquette and outlines rules for specific user groups.

style guide

A brand style guide outlines the proper usage of the logo, pictograms, fonts and colors, and provides detailed information on the campaign signage and materials.


The Share the Path webpage is a single, scrolling page that contains information and messages consistent with print materials as well as links to partner organizations and ordinances that pertain to path safety.